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Couple of Travelers


Thanks for visiting us and learning a bit about our lifestyle! We are amateur chefs who love food, world travelers, and avid divers. One of the greatest things about our lifestyle is that we have learned how to create amazing memories while sharing these extraordinary experiences around the table with with past and new friends. 

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Friends, Food, and Drink


Traveling the world doesn't just take you to new places, but it also brings you together with new people. While traveling we have met some great people that share our passion for traveling and food. In our experience, language barriers can be broken with drinks and amazing food. 

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Past Vacations


Bangkok, Thailand

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cape Town, South Africa

Cancun, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico x2

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Cayman Island

Harare, Zimbabwe

Las Vegas, Nevada x2

Miami, Florida x2

Montego Bay, Jamaica

New Orleans, Louisiana x2

Niagara Falls, Canada

Nueva Vallarta, Mexico

Orlando, Florida x2

Palm Harbor, FL

Pattaya, Thailand

Phoenix, Arizona x2

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Sivota, Greece

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Washington DC x2

Let The Vacations Begin!!!

Villa Del Palmar - Cabo San Lucas

March 2019 - Complete

Palm Harbor, FL (Clearwater, FL)

May 2019 - Complete

South Africa & Zimbabwe

December 2019 - Complete

Disney World & Universal Studios

March 2020 - Booked & Ready